Which property Buyer will buy your home?

You want to attract the right property buyer for your home. The right buyer will extend their home buying budget, dig deeper, & find a way to buy your home. The best buyer for your home or property is the right buyer!

Often a Seller will be tempted to advertise their home or property at a higher inflated price, believing that they can always come down in price later.

The first problem is that in real estate, you only get one chance to make a first impression on a prospective home buyer.

The second problem is that home buyers buy property by comparison and by using a process of elimination.

If you over price your home initially, your real buyer may eliminate your home from their Sunday showday viewings, based on it being overpriced! This means that you scare off the real buyer during the initial marketing efforts, when interest in the new listing, is at its highest.

Don’t comfort yourself by saying ‘They can always offer”

The home buyer can’t offer unless they see your home, & if you price it out of your market, they won’t even come looking.


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