Questions for the home Seller, when selling your property


  1. Are real estate prices in my area & local market, rising, falling or static?
  2. Have I arrived at my property selling price, based on current real estate asking prices or the homes sold prices in my area?
  3. Am I choosing my real estate agent based on service & marketing plan, or on price?
  4. Have any homes or properties in my area been on the residential real estate market for too long?
  5. How many homes in my area are currently for sale, & will compete with mine?
  6. Is my home or property average & consistent with the area, or is it smaller, or larger?
  7. What improvements have I made to my property, which actually add & increase the real estate value?
  8. Am I prepared to hold out for my selling price?
  9. Are my personal financial needs affecting or influencing my asking price for my house or property?
  10. Why am I selling my house?

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