Will your home be Listed, For Sale, or Sold?

There are several categories of homes in your residential area right now.

The For Sale homes or properties are the ones which are currently on the market. They are being marketed for sale to a willing property buyer. These homes represent the current pool of available properties from which the current pool of real estate buyers must choose.

You also get expired listings. These are properties which were on the market, but:

  • became over exposed
  • or the asking price was not being attained
  • or they did not attract offers to purchase
  • or the real estate mandate expired
  • or the property marketing plan was ineffective

In other words, these homes did not sell during the allocated marketing or listing or mandated period

Finally, you get Sold homes. These properties enjoyed effective property marketing. As a result, they attracted offers to purchase. As a result they sold during the mandate period.

Try to position your home, & to price your home in order to change your sign from For Sale, to Sold!


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