Get the Best Price when selling your home

Get a better selling price for your House

When selling your real estate property, you should look at ways to create buyer interest. The best way to generate interest, among home buyers, is to price your property competitively. This creates interest in the property & interest typically pushes the selling price up. The opposite is also true, because time typically pushes the final selling price down. In other words, the longer that an overpriced  home sits on the market, without selling, the more exposed it becomes, & the less buyer interest it generates.

If a prospective property buyer asks the estate agent how long the house has been on the market, & how many open days or showings it has had, the property buyer may begin to wonder why the home has not sold. This can result in the buyer taking a chance & submitting a low offer to purchase. The property Seller, worn out by the protracted marketing efforts, may, in desperation accept the low offer. Not a good home selling strategy.

A home which is priced to sell, attracts interest, because property buyers buy by comparison.

Buyers compare:

  • Price
  • Accommodation
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Value

All too often, a home which is initially overpriced, sells below market value.

Do your homework, & price your home to sell!


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