List with a Real Estate Agent

You need to decide on which real estate agent will sell your home or property. This is a major decision & can have disastrous results if the real estate agent selection criteria is flaky. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing your real estate agent based on promised selling PRICE. The real estate agent actually has no control over the property market, only over the property marketing plan.

Let your real estate agent selection be based on:

  • Competence
  • Selling Track record
  • Property Service levels
  • Property Marketing.

Don’t encourage area estate agents to bid up home selling price, in order to secure your mandate. Over priced residential homes often remain on the property market too long, become over exposed, & as a result, attract a lower selling price. Estate Agents may be tempted to tell you what you want to hear.

Don’t use advertised asking prices as your benchmark, to arrive at your home asking price. Whether in the newspaper, or advertised online, asking prices are exactly that. They are asking prices! Follow these tips to avoid loss:

  1. Research the “Properties Sold” prices in your area, & use them as your benchmark.
  2. Ask any realtor or estate agent to provide you with a Lightstone report in order to reach your property selling price. This report provides the actual selling prices of the last 20 registered sales in your area.
  3. Ask 3 estate agents from 3 different real estate companies to do a CMA (Comparitive Market Analysis) for you.
  4. Select the estate agent who combines great service, active marketing strategies, & most Sold boards as your representative.

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